We Lost All Hope

by Hello Mabel

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All Songs written and recorded by Cait & Jen
(except lyrics for Lost upon the wind by Tez).
Mixed by John Kettle @ The Music Projects, Wigan.
Front cover artwork by Mark Bell illustration.


released October 19, 2015

Jen Burgess - Vocals
Caitlin Costello - Vocals & Guitar
Tez Walker - Percussion & Vocals
Ryan Taylor - Bass & Vocals

Also featuring:
Tim Loud - 12 string, harmonica & vocals
Matty Humphries - Mandolin & vocals
Elinor Darlington - Violin
Ellen Howells - Fiddle
Kieron Bache - Shredding guitar solo & vocals
Sam Bell - Accordion
Soy Ferro - Vocals
Harley stewart - Cajon
Gang Vocals from:
Bobby, Cherub, Gazz, Froj, Lou.

Thanks to..
Our Mums. Cherub - for her unwavering dedication to helping
us get drunk and record an album and for knowing all the words before its even out. Gazz - for putting up with Jen spending most of her time of late in Mabel-land. Froj - for running to our aid when photoshop got the better of us. Tezla - for the constant support & encouragement from day one.



all rights reserved


Hello Mabel Warrington, UK

Hello Mabel is mostly an acoustic 2 piece consisting of Jen Burgess & Cait Costello singing miserable folk songs.

Occasionally they're joined by the Smashing Blouses;
Ryan Taylor - Bass &
Tezla Coil - Drums.

Their debut album 'We Lost All Hope' is out 2015 and features a folk-punk orchestra of friends and fellow musicians from the UK DIY scene.
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Track Name: 100 Reasons
I can think of 100 reasons why i'm still here,
Of all paths to take why did i choose to stay?
Apathetic & stoned, it's pathetic i know, i could've gone anywhere.
I stopped making ends meet, took to life on these streets, now i won't be going.

I'll walk this towns backstreets,
The alleyways & car parks no one ever sees,
No, i won't be going anywhere.

I can think of 1000 stories that i could tell,
Though the years would appear to have clouded the facts from truth.
Tired & old, I'm growing cold, the fire's gone out now.
Who'll look after me when i grow weary? Does anyone care?

I'll walk this towns backstreets,
The alleyways & car parks no one ever sees,
No, i won't be going,
No, i won't be going anywhere.

(i won't be going)
I dreamt I would leave,
(I won't be going)
The things i could've seen,
(I won't be going anywhere)
Exist now only in my dreams.

Cos now I walk these streets alone,
Silently, patiently waiting, for what? No one knows. .
I lost my way so long ago.
And now i haunt these streets a ghost,
I waited too long yes i died many years ago,
This old town she took my soul.

I'll walk this towns backstreets,
The alleyways & car parks no one ever sees,
I'll stand back in the shade,
Not coming out but not fading away,
No, I wont be going,
No, I wont be going,
No, I wont be going anywhere.
Track Name: Loose Change
I'll serenade the pigeons, I'll sing to the streets,
Busking for my breakfast though it’s not just making ends meet,
I'll sing til I’m hoarse - strum til my fingers can take no more,
But I’m not standing in the rain to watch their loose change hit the floor.

It keeps me alive and keeps me out of line.
It keeps me from wasting away my days and watching the seconds of my life,
Fade away into nothing disappear to the past,
Though i know I’m getting older and these days aren’t gonna last.

These days aren't gonna last.

I’m not seeking fortune i won’t find fame,
But out the corner of your eyes you see someone with hope for better days.
If I’m not chasing a blind sighted dream,
I'm surely just waiting for someone to make a martyr of me.

Make a martyr of me.

Those dreams I never had
And those never laid plans
With a hope for nothing it was just something to do.

No we’re not seeking fortune - we won’t find fame
Didn’t pick up this guitar - so We could play their game
Won't buy into the cliche - of what im supposed to be
I'll stand here and sing and they'll take or leave me.

Doing it for the love of it,
just doing it for the fuck of it,
there's nothing we’d rather do.
Track Name: Lost Upon the Wind
I’ve walked a thousand footsteps counting cracks between the leaves,
The sun it hasnt hit the ground round here not since i lost my self belief. And the plans we had to make our way back to a better day,
Are now lost inside the troubled mind,
Of a blind man that doesnt know he’s dressed up in disguise.

As i kiss your thoughts goodnight and i hope you lived out every dream,
The words are lost upon the wind as your lungs run out with all the screams.
Wishing that these days were real not just emotion that i feel.
This mountains high and i cant see
The view that sits in front of me.

Four days and twenty years have passed since that day it came to be, And i wont forget the whispers that you read out to me.
As i turn the pages over pictures awaken faded memories
Exasperated - I cant breathe
So many things that could have been.
Track Name: Sheeps
You pack up your sons & daughters for the day,
Like lambs to the slaughter you send them on their way,
They blindly follow & they all look the same,
Soon they'll all think the same way too as they're trained to follow rules.

You better do what they say - follow orders and obey,
Stand in line follow the crowd dont be yourself you're not allowed,
Read our books follow our rules & don't question all you're taught in school,
Cos we know what's best for everyone,
Head down eyes to the ground don't make a sound.

An apathetic ear tunes out the childrens cries,
They don't catch your eye and they'll never look twice,
Indignant only to their silent servitude,
They've forgotten why they came and lost any hope for change years ago.

Don't make a sound, maybe they won't notice you,
Still can't forget how they could be so cruel,
Through the eyes of a child where nothing seemed worthwhile,
I saw the shape of things to come.
Track Name: Wrong Place, Wrong Time
I've done it again
Stuck inside my own head
And i’m falling, falling for you.
My mind it aches
And my brain's weighed down with guilt,
But i’m trying to control this - i’m trying to do the right thing.
I’m trying to control myself before i do something

I will regret
so i’ve got to get away from here
For a long time, til i've figured out whats going on in my mind.
I’ve done it again
When I only wanted a friend
& I didn’t see you coming, and there’s nothing i can do.
I can’t fall again, I cant fall for you.

And there’s a dark corner at the back of my mind
Where I’m keeping these thoughts hidden for no one to find
Yes I’m burying the secrets that i never can tell
And they’ll never know...

I’ve found all I've been searching for
In the wrong place at the wrong time.
All these secrets we just can’t ignore
Will have to wait, for a better state of mind.

I’ve no regrets
Though we all knew it had to end
And it wasn’t easy to admit the truth.
But i won’t see you hurt
Won’t see our bridges burned
Just another facade you won’t see through
Cos you could never see what was in front of you.

I'm not burying the truth from myself this time
Just keeping it all hidden so the rest don’t find
That I'm burying these secrets just for a while
Cos you don’t need know.

I’ve found all I've been searching for
In the wrong place at the wrong time.
All these secrets we just can’t ignore
Will have to wait, for a better state of mind.

I must suppress,
Sedate myself,
Don’t fall.
Run & hide,
From what feels right,
Just don’t fall.

I've found all I've been searching for in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I’ve found all I've been searching for
In the wrong place at the wrong time.
All these secrets we just can’t ignore
Will have to wait, for a better state of mind.
Track Name: All I'm Asking For
Just because you saw me smile, doesn’t mean I'm doing fine
Just because I can stand up tall, doesn’t mean I'm invincible.
The world is a scary place for me just like you,
and this time I'm the one needing guidance from you.

Now I'm lost and alone,
No one knows what I need, what I see and what I feel,
Now I'm lost and I'm scared,
No one knew i needed them and no one thought to care.

Just because I seem alright, doesn’t mean I've won the fight,
Just because I'm there for you doesn’t mean i don’t need you too.
All that im asking for is for someone to say the words,
Tell me it will all be fine tell me its ok.

I get tired of being the one who holds it all together when things inevitably go wrong,
But not this time not anymore, no not this time not anymore,
Ive had enough,
Stop the planet,
Cos i want to get off.
Track Name: What'd Become of Me
Just to exist,
Yeh that was it,
Enough to survive,
Enough to stay alive.
I got fucked up
And fell for love
But it was just another means to an end, in the end.

Bad decisions & stupid mistakes still somehow lead me here,
To this everything to my everything somehow.

You saved me from myself,
And from anyone else,
My own safety net,
The hand that catches me when i fall and its all i need,
To drag me off the ground when i’ve got nothing left.

Building up a wall
So i couldn’t fall
Or feel or see,
What’d become of me
But we got fucked up
And fell in love
And i was the means to my end, once again.

Bad decisions and naive mistakes they all lead me here,
To this emptiness, to the edge of reality.
Bad decisions and blindsightedness set me on the path to here
To this end, to my end but i couldn’t see.

I saved you from yourself,
And from all the rest,
Your own safety net,
The hand that propped you up, kept you sane for all these years,
Til i had to let go, I couldn’t hold on any longer.

We lost sight of ourselves,
And of everyone else,
Not a safety net,
But a weight tying us down, clinging on to what was left,
Did it mean anything to either of us in the end?
Track Name: We Lost All Hope
I know i never made it easier but you can't say i didn't try,
And i know i didn't always tell the truth but i never told you any lies,
I hope you know i'd change it all or at least i'd change the end,
Cos we all stood to lose the only thing that meant something.

And now i see why things never worked out,
And now it feels like there's a whole other story to tell,
I forgot my dreams for a moment back there,
Cos we got lost and i lost all hope.

I know i have it easy but you can't say i don't try,
I work my fingers to the bone for this cos i have to make it right.

And now i see the horizon coming into view,
And now it feels like we might make it to the end,
The reality is cruel but with no other choice to speak,
We shut out eyes tight and we grit out teeth.

I know how much you sacrificed i know you wanted it to work,
I understand why you had to walk away and i thank you for doing it first.

Cos i was gonna leave,
Throw it all away,
The efforts of all these years gone to waste,
What happened to the fight and the certainty of our youth?
It was nearly all lost to the fragility of the truth.

Now you know this won't be easy but at least you're gona try,
Now we know nothing can stop us now we know we've got it right,
The burden's turned to purpose and become less harrowing but we all stood to lose it all lose everything,
Yeh we all stood to lose the only thing that meant something to us.
Track Name: Bear
Finally free to blossom into the real me,
to show the world who i am on the inside.
Finally found the peace that ive been searching for,
the harmony, this never ending journey.
Ive been overwhelmed and filled with fear of predjudice and dirty looks, refusing to accept the person i always knew i was.

My smile is wider, my soul is brighter,
no longer feel downtrodden and all the past forgotten
and my only regret is that it had to take so long.

It took a while but ive found a place where this old heart belongs,
a place to call my own and feel contented.
And now that im here i aint ever turning back,
im on a one way road to a new existence.

No longer overwhelmed or filled with fear,
the suns come up on a bright new day
and now im ready to accept the person i always knew i was.

So many feelings i never thought i’d share, so many answers to the things i never dreamed or dared to believe could be truth to me, and now im here.
Track Name: So Much More
Why does it have to be so hard,
To say whats really on your mind?
Why do you feel the need to punish me,
When you know you should be worshipping at my feet.

Whats the problem?
Why is it so hard for you?
Why is it so hard for you to say you’re beautiful?

Im taking back whats mine,
The love you never deserved or cared enough to let it shine
I'm giving back whats yours,
No longer gonna feel like im not good enough cos im so much more.

Why is it so hard for you to have the balls to say whats true?
There's only so much time before someone else comes along and fills those shoes.
Track Name: High Hopes & Empty Pockets
It's too easy to fall when the world rests on your shoulders,
All too quickly the brightest of flames can flicker and fade away.
But you didn’t have to turn your back on everything you had
because it all still meant something to us.

I hope the city streets are paved with gold
And you can mean something to someone without the tales you told.

Cos we were gonna rule the world some day
With high hopes and empty pockets no one could stand in our way.
The nights that never ended and the secrets that we shared - who knew it'd mean nothing in the end?

It's too easy to fall when the world rests on your shoulders,
All too quickly the brightest of flames can flicker and fade away.
It was hard to read fact from fiction - it was hard to see the real truth, And after all these years i still feel i never really knew you.

I hope the shores show you a horizon that never ends,
And you can be true to yourself in the company of new friends.

Cos we were gonna rule the world some day,
With high hopes and empty pockets no one could stand in our way.
Those nights that never ended and the secrets that we shared - who knew it'd mean nothing in the end?

We walked for hours under neon stars,
The dirty ocean waves soaked way all of our fears,
We talked for hours of old wounds and stars,
That air of cheap regret..

We watched the naivety of youth slip away,
All innocence is lost along with trouble free days,
We come to realise that all there was of a friendship is dead.

(The air of cheap regret)
Reaffirming who we are,
& what it all meant.
Do we still share memories,
or did you forget?
Track Name: It All Ends
Any which way we go it all ends,
And the footsteps that we laid don't matter any more,
The sun sets and leaves only darkness,
Leaving someone alone in the cold,
Leaving someone cold & alone.

You can hold yourself tight
to try and keep the pieces together,
But in the dark of this night
if you let yourself slip,
you could lose every last bit of yourself.

So let the rain wash away your tears
& in the morning when the sun shines you'll see that there was nothing left to fear,
The light draws hope over a new day
And new life grows where we once lay.

Their cracked smiles won't save this day,
Their kind words and stifled tears are too late anyway,
All that remains are the fragile memories,
the glorified legacy & the thoughts of those who loved you so dearly.

As he finally lays down to sleep,
Watching the comfort he once brought them crumble as they weep.
As the lights fades on your last day on this earth,
as undignified as you came,
you feel that nothing has changed in yourself.